International Conference on Libraries 2017

Collaborating with Partners


With most libraries operating in a resource and money restrictive environment, libraries can deliver new services and resources and improve existing ones through the application of Lean principles in both formal and informal partnerships. By teaming up with each other and other non-profit and corporate organizations, we maximize and multiple our impact and improve service and resource access across many more communities.

A critical part of the Catalog Pull Platform is BIBCAT, a project originally sponsored by the Library of Congress, that applies Linked Data processes to Library Bibliographic data structured in multiple formats. I am using BIBCAT in two projects that involve multiple types and sizes of organizations.

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Alliance BIBCAT Project

This project is sponsored by the Library Consortium, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, with the intention of publishing the consortium's member libraries catalogs as RDF Linked Data for harvesting by search engines.

Using selected MARC records from Colorado College, University of Colorado Boulder, and the most recent partner, SUNY Buffalo were all initially generated from the Alliance's Gold Rush comparison service and the Library of Congress marc2bibframe2 project, these MARC records were converted into BIBFRAME 2.0 RDF and stored in a RDF triplestore. The RDF Linked Library data is published to the web as JSON-LD for indexing by Google, Bing, and other search engines.

We are currently in the Build phase in our second BML Loop for this project with a projected release later this month.

All the computer source code is copyrighted under various open source licenses and is available at

Plains2Peaks Temp Logo DP.LA Regional Service Hub

The Digital Public Library of America is a national non-profit that aggregates digital content from across the United States through a hub system that distributes harvesting to regional libraries, consortium, museums, or other non-profit organizations.

This project is A State Library of Colorado sponsored effort to aggregate the metadata from across different libraries and museums in Colorado and Wyoming and provide a JSON-LD DPLA Map v4 feed to DP.LA to be included in the main DP.LA search portal.

We are currently in the Build phase in the first BML Loop for this project.

All the computer source code is copyrighted under various open source licenses and is available at